Zen Meditation Group in Newton MA

Welcome! Morning Star Sangha is a Boundless Way Zen practice group. We meet Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:45 PM at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 297 Lowell Avenue, Newton, MA. Plenty of street parking is available. We enter the church through the doors along Otis Street. You are welcome to join us on any Wednesday evening, as your schedule allows. If it is your first time sitting with a Boundless Way Zen group, please arrive 15 minutes early for an orientation.

Our practice includes a brief chanting service (liturgy books provided), two 25 minute sitting periods, walking meditation, dharma talks and discussions, and personal meditation instruction in voluntary private meetings with a teacher. Talks and meetings will be offered on alternating weeks by our practice leader, Boundless Way Zen Priest and Senior Dharma Teacher Michael Fieleke, and by visiting Boundless Way Zen teachers.

There is no set fee to participate in our meditation group. We pay our rent with voluntary donations (suggested donation is $10), but please do not let money be a reason you do not join us.

Morning Star Sangha is a community of Zen practitioners in the lineage of Boundless Way Zen, a school which combines Japanese Soto and Korean Rinzai traditions in innovative ways that include basic meditation practices such as breath awareness, mindfulness practices, inquiry into the moment, shikantaza (just sitting), and koan practice in the Harada-Yasutani tradition.

All teachers of the Boundless Way Zen agree to adhere to an ethical code in order to nurture and protect our community and our continuing practice. More information about the mission, guiding teachers, and ethics policy of Boundless Way Zen may be found at Boundlesswayzen.org. If you have further questions, please feel free to email Mikefieleke@gmail.com.

Meditation Teacher

Mike Fieleke, Buddhist Priest & Senior Dharma Teacher

Meditation Mindfulness

Sandra Raponi, Co-Practice Leader

Our Meditation Hall, St. John's, Newton MA

Our Meditation Hall, St. John’s, Newton MA